• Online Giving

    Between demanding schedules, traveling, and trying to get out the door in time for Mass, it can be challenging to tithe on a regular basis. Plus, for many families, the parish is one of the last places you still have to use a checkbook or cash.

    Blessed Trinity Catholic Parish is excited to offer online giving to easily make one-time as well as recurring gifts. Simply make a secure donation via electronic check or debit/credit card using the form on this page.

    One-time gifts
    Use the form on this page to easily offer a one-time gift now.

    Recurring gifts and donor account
    Select a recurring option in the donation form on this page and submit a gift. Then, setup a donor account using instructions sent to you via email.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How will I know my gift is received?
    Email notification will confirm your gift was received. Recurring gifts receive notification just prior to and when each gift is processed.

    Is it safe and secure?
    Yes! Online gifts meet the same security standards as online banking. Just be sure to use a secure internet connection (and not public wifi).

    What are the parish benefits?
    Processing and reporting is much faster and more efficient, and there's no need to ever collect or store parishoner account information.

  • If you have questions please contact:

  • Donate Now

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